Topple (top-uhl) (verb):

To take action against illegal links and/or pirated content.
Each time a song is "toppled" you have the potential to make more revenue than before.

How It Works

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Protecting Content

We detect, remove, and report directly for you.

Constant Protection

Our ability to seek out and remove illegal material at scale, has quickly made us an industry leader in copyright protection & DMCA services. We work closely with our users to provide solutions that improve value.

Timely Removal

As one of the leading Google Trusted Copyright Program members, we are able to remove infringing search engine listings almost instantly. Our agreements with large cyber lockers ensure up to 99% of illegal content is removed.

Detailed Reporting

Access your data whenever you want through our user friendly dashboard or build custom applications and reports through our API. Find trends, habitual offenders, and other metrics relevant to your content.

Holy moly! We've removed over 7 million illegal links!


Cost effective savings while delivering results



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We're grateful for the over 3,000 copyright owners who trust Topple Track to protect their content.

Our Clients

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Without the support and dedication of our customers, Topple Track would not be able to do what we do.


Build your own tool to protect your content!

API partners have the ability to white-label our services and offerings!

Our ability to manage and monitor content in large quantities has garnered proven results for many brands and individuals. Through our REST API, channel partners of all industries can seamlessly integrate with or completely white label our services.

Our API documentation is available below. If you need technical assistance, our team can additionally help you integrate our solutions to your systems.

Contact us today to find out how leading platforms are earning more revenue and customer loyalty with our white label solutions and become the next partner and brand to help content creators protect their works.

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We are focused on creating better tools for creators to manage and protect their copyrighted content.

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We’re a progress-driven and results-oriented team focused on creating better tools for creators to manage and protect their copyrighted content. Our expertise in content consumption and the illegal use infrastructure of the web fuel our ability to constantly add value to our user’s experience.


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