Top 100 DJs by Topple Track &

Top 100 DJs by Topple Track &

7 Jan, 2014 | | , ,
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We partnered with our friends over at to compile a list of ’100 DJ’s’ that is driven by data. (Data that is available to anyone who obtains an API key to the applicable social platform).

Our goal with list was to create an alternative view to the existing lists. This doesn’t mean there isn’t value in a traditional voting poll or we’re questioning it’s validity, this is our attempt at taking data, consumption weighted, algorithmic approach.

The biggest names in EDM command big money, for promoters it’s a numbers game. For many, social data is a huge barometer for who to book and who not to book.

Our methodology is made up of the following weighting (as mentioned in the infographic):

  • 60% Total Fans
  • 30% 2013 Fan Growth
  • 10% Buzz & Piracy

The data started on January 1, 2013 and ran through nearly all of 2013. It’s clear we have room from improvements, such as spotting the ‘next big thing’ through trends (a la Martin Garrix’s absence from the current poll) and tweaking weighting of certain platforms as usage permits.

*Editors Note – We did exclude 3 DJ’s that we deemed at least 75% or more of their social following was purchased.


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